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 Please Read This before posting

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Black Horizon

Nombre de messages : 426
Date d'inscription : 05/10/2006

MessageSujet: Please Read This before posting   Lun 28 Sep - 21:52

Welcome to the dissection's forum, the only fansite entirely dedicated to Dissection
The team asks you, as a new member to read the regulation exerted on the site to maintain the proper atmosphere.

You understand that the rules that you have before you is to keep the whole character of seriousness and reliability of the site, we attach importance to this and any obstruction that it may lead to partial or permanent exclusion.

Are prohibited and liable to exclusion without appeal, by decision of the administrator or moderator, members who have committed the following facts:

1 - Using language to adult sexual and pornographic heard or implied, to place links to sites with identical content.

2 - Keep remarks racist, regardless of nationality, openly or concealed, for inferiorize a human being regardless of their ethnicity and in general everything is xenophobia.

3 - Using language to political, to criticize, accuse, denigrate or exploit any political figure or country in the world, again no matter their affiliation. However it is quite possible débatre on politics, but this must be done in accordance with the ideals.

4 - Insulting other Forum members, openly or concealed, irony or mockery, even by private message.
However, be playful is not prohibited.

5 - Try to have a correct vocabulary and express yourself accurately, we do not have to decipher.
It is worth recalling that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period, moreover, do not forget to put apostrophes.
Just as "lol" "mdr" xptdr "are words of evil, they are tolerated, but it is fashionable to replace smileys.

6 - Issuing messages under various aliases for the same member in order to suggest that these different people, and that to use different pseudonyms from the same IP address.
If you have a connection problem, thank you for sending a mail to one of the administrators.
7 - UP and other gimmicks to bump the topic are not allowed!

8 - The avatars must be 150x200 in size up. If people who often change to have fun not having the right size their avatar they will be deleted.

9 - In general, you can go to this site to know your rights and duties: http://www.aidh.org/.
They apply in this forum as elsewhere.

10 - Prohibition of uploading mp3 originals or links to an album to download.
The bootlegs and audio samples are tolerated.

11 - Post messages to a single word or a single smiley, every message you post must have a minimum of arguments and must bring something about.

12 - When an album of dissection, or any other group is available on the internet before its official release, thank you not to make the apology.

As you can see, what to do on the Forum is that in force in a good society, urging respect for each other, and politeness. Moreover, if we look closely, we find that some rules are not binding, they are from the right.

These measures are intended to be a certain "discipline" only way to make constructive forum, you will soon find out for yourself as being able to speak without screaming or yelling and without being demeaning is a major asset in a good forum.

Thank you

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Please Read This before posting
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